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Elena Bertozzi

A writer and game developer, Elena founded Ardea Arts in 1994. Born in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy and raised in both Italy and the U.S., she believes that extensive travel and exquisite food are the best training for good design.

This website is her work and other work can be found throughout the site. After more than ten years of graduate school, she completed her dissertation: At Stake: Play, Pleasure and Power in Cyberspace and received her Ph.D. in Saas Fee August 15, 2004. The dissertation was published by the Atropos press with the original title!. She was the Asst. Director of the Masters in Mediated Enviroments at Indiana University Bloomington for 5 years, then moved to UW Whitewater to start an undergrad program in game development. She was the the Director of the ill-fated Digital Game Design and Development Masters Program at Long Island University for a brief moment, but long enough to usher (the one and only) class of grad students through the program. They are a super group of people doing really good work and it is amazing that we all survived that environment. Now she is Associate Professor of Game Design and Development at Quinnipiac University, see the CV for details.