These are the solutions to the cryptic puzzles in Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.'s Clown Cryptics book. Cryptics by Elena Bertozzi heron
Clue: Begging democrat for love? A clean break is more likely to produce artists' block. (7) Woo + D + Cut = Woodcut
Clue: Lashing singer of White Christmas when he embraces Knight's former fiefdom. (7) BING containing IND for Indiana = Binding
Clue: Corporate entity pronounced stamping substance. (3) Inc = Ink
Clue: Extreme thirst for endlessly cerebral folded into ancient Egytian sheets. (9) Parch + Ment(al) = Parchment
Clue: Clump of leaves found when Mother of us all agrees to follow American soldiers looking homeward. (9) GIS backward = SIG + nature + Signature