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Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.

A man with his feet planted firmly in the past, Amos Kennedy is a letterpress printer, papermaker and builder of artist's books. His work embodies his passion for stirring up strong emotions and encouraging people to think in previously unexplored ways.

Only his friends know that in a past life he was a computer programmer and can thus juggle digital and analog at will. In addition to his work as a bookbuilder, he is an educator and journeyman printer who travels the globe teaching people how to print on traditional letterpresses with metal and wood type, showing Laura Zinger's documentary Proceed and Be Bold and hosting his Cash and Carry poster shows. His studio is currently in Gordo, Alabama though he might move if someone makes him a better offer (anyone.... hello?). Some of his books include: the Mask Book, the Riddle Book, Charm/Snake book, the Cryptics book (first of a series). Visit his site at www.kennedyprints.com