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the Engender Games Group Lab

EGG Lab logoElena founded the EGG lab at UW Whitewater. We are working on Hot!Horny!Healthy!, a safe sex game for MSM in Mexico City and designing a couple new projects. Past games include: The Frog Dating Game, Tex Walker's Softball Tutorial and the Emergency Birth! game (which one a Silver Medal at the Serious Games Competition in 2011) EGG is currently affiliated with Quinnipiac University, where Elena is Associate Professor of Digital Game Design & Development Program

We recently completed Atendiendo el Parto in Casa, a collaboration with Drs. Carrie Rouse and Dilys Walker at the University of Washington. The game will be used to train midwives in rural Mexico. And Flu Busters!, a game to teach children how the flu vaccine works and show them how it can keep them healthy.

EGG Lab collaborators include: